About Our Secret

The Start

Our secret has been around since 2009. That is practically 10 years! We started off as a fashion jewelry shop - actually one of the first online. The owner was very passionate about fashion and affordable pieces but was also very young and inexperienced in the online sales domain. eventually we closed shop.

Where we are!

With Ideas and a strong passion, Our Secret has shopped the global market place for the BEST magnetic eyelashes!

The need came about after the owner felt that the glue on lashes were beautiful but just took so much TIME to put on and were NOT suitable for everyday use.

She has also tried individual lash extensions but noticed that the glue was irritating not only on herself but friends around her who had also tried. 

She was determined to find a comfortable product that was wearable and re-usable and that looked amazing!!

After some time, the "everyday" magnetic lash was born!

Our Mission

We want each and everyone of our clients to feel that their dollar was well spent. That they feel beautiful every time time they put on the lashes AND that it allows them time to do all the other important things that have to be done in their day! 

These lashes can be worn anywhere at anytime... Just try them... you'll see!